richie culver is a british contemporary artist who specialises in paintings and sculptures. growing up in hull, richie’s worked on a caravan site as a teenager where he began photographing the people around him, before expanding his media to painting, sculpting and drawing. richie’s paintings are usually in a sketchy style, depicting abstract figures often scenarios in society, life and incorporating popular culture, with the overall goal of adding comedic value.

as a british contemporary artist richie celebrates and pokes fun at modern day britain. with popular topics being, brexit, the royal family and sports stars.

richie usually paints on large canvas using acrylic, often including written quotes or statements adding to the story being told.

richies most recent exhibitions to date include:

c’est sombre vers le nord. lehmann + silva, porto

raga night at the community centre. zweisieben, karlsruhe.

no one knows me like dawn from the job centre. humber street gallery, kingston upon hull.